The project supporting women had a change of name in 2020. It was previously women’s microcredit; however, the focus has now changed to giving women the skills and resources to improve their livelihood. Women often have not been to school and so are not literate or numerate, they are expected to find the money for school and hospital expenses and to grow crops.


With the help of a grant from Education Services 2010 QCP UK has paid for teachers for literacy and numeracy. During the visit in February we were able to visit one of these classes and see for ourselves the impact. The classes did not take place between April to September due to restrictions on size of gatherings because of Covid 19.


QCP UK is also providing seed corn grants to women’s groups to generate some income. Groups of women are growing vegetables and corn on two small fields in Kikongo and Abeka and are breeding goats. Other women are making baskets and doing sewing. The produce and the crafts are sold so giving women a small income. QCP is providing small amounts of money for tools and equipment. They are keen to do more: there is a request for more sewing machines and money for fencing, irrigation and a storage facility for produce. They would like to produce soap.

 Action for Women's Integrated Development (AWID) 
An overview of the soap making training


With the help of a grant from Education Services, in 2023 QCP UK paid for teachers of literacy and numeracy training for women who missed out on schooling. Delivered in each workplace, the women could apply the learning to weights and measures in agricultural production, soap making or tailoring.

This enhances their status, as well as their skills.