In 2015-16 QCP UK raised £80,000 to bring clean running water to the hospital and village of Abeka. This has reduced the incidence of water-borne diseases  by around 80 per cent.  Local water engineers together with  QCP UK are looking at the feasibility of extending this gravity-fed water supply to neighbouring villages.


Clean water continues to be supplied to the hospital and village of Abeka so reducing the incidence of water borne diseases including typhoid and cholera. A local management group is collecting subscriptions from those receiving clean water and coordinating repairs. Planning is being undertaken to extend the supply to neighbouring villages.


The project is currently analysing new information and working on the design of an extension that will bring clean water to villages neighbouring Abeka. We have the help of our trustee, Ian Tod, who brings his expertise in water engineering to the project.

Clean water helps significantly to save lives and is therefore a priority. The project will require significant funding.

 Clean water